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About Connecting Lawyer Mums

Our Roots. Our Purpose.

Connecting Lawyer Mums is a well-being and professional development support group for lawyers, parents and related professionals, founded in 2018 by Lauren Cassimatis, Accredited Criminal Law Specialist and Principal Director of Gallant Law.

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Connecting Lawyer Mums presently has
over 1000 members based Australia-wide and across the globe including New Zealand, Canada, USA, Asia, Africa and Europe.

Our members include women and all genders from a variety of legal practices and roles including criminal, employment and family lawyers, judges, magistrates, mediators and legal lecturers. Our members are enjoying the benefits of developing relationships with incredible, like-minded women and all genders throughout Australia.

Lauren created Connecting Lawyer Mums in response to her own experiences as a lawyer mother and after hearing stories of other mothers juggling parenting and life as a lawyer and women’s careers being interrupted because they exercised their rights to start a family, take maternity leave and/or work part-time or flexibly. Lauren wanted to create a group that offered lawyers and parents practical and emotional support to preserve and bolster their careers and overall happiness.

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As a parent you can sometimes doubt yourself and your skills as a parent and as a lawyer, so it’s important to be able to share your experiences with others in the same situation and to support and empower each other. There are stresses unique to working in a profession that often involves traumatic and challenging matters. It can affect you emotionally. So it’s great to be able to share that experience as well. You are not alone.

Our professional development events
are designed to be informative, relaxed
and interactive.

You will take away advice and insights that will help you feel better about yourself as an individual, a parent and a professional.

Through our group you will meet and even form friendships with inspirational, like-minded women and all genders who understand you and can relate to the juggle and need for work/life balance! By enhancing your professional networks you increase your chances of career elevation and long-term happiness.

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